Expired food found in 4 more anganwadi centres

Five teams inspected 14 anganwadi centres

Expired food found in 4 more anganwadi centres

The teams were formed and inspections were held in the backdrop of DYFI complaining that expired energy rich food is being given to children in a certain Anganwadi.

Addressing a news conference on Wednesday, Deputy Commissioner V Ponnuraj said that more teams will be formed and investigations will be held in all the Anganwadis in the district and a comprehensive report will be submitted to the government. Action will be taken against the officials who are at fault. He said that nutritious food is provided to beneficiaries through one Central government sponsored programme and the other State government sponsored programme and under these programmes, there are 1,22,661 beneficiaries including 49,736 beneficiaries in age group of 0 to 3 years, 44,039 between age group of 3-6 years, 9,908 pregnant women, 10,903 nursing women and 4,009 adolescent girls.

He said that in the district, there are only 144 malnourished children out of 90,000 children, which is a healthy sign.

The Anganwadi supervisors are required to return the expired packets to the personnel who come to collect the indent. But since there were summer vacations, the indent must have not matched.


Talking about the filthy godown of Women and Child Welfare Department at Ashok Nagar where the rice stock had spoilt, Ponnuraj said that the stock was spoilt due to the rain as the building is too weak. However, it was the duty of the CDPO to take care of the stock. The CDPO concerned has been suspended for this negligence. Ponnuraj informed that though there was a proposal to shift the godown, the proposal is pending with the Department of Women and Child Welfare Director for a long time. If these two issues were managed, then the rice stocks could have been protected, he said.

Zilla Panchayat Deputy Secretary Pranesh said that local Self Help Groups will be identified and they will be trained in preparation of energy rich food. These trained SHG members will take up energy rich food preparation at the centres itself.

The Government order has already been received in this regard and necessary steps will be taken soon.

Caste/ income certificates

Ponnuraj informed that no applications for caste and income certificates will be received at the Nemmadi kendra from June 4 onwards.

Instead, arrangements have been made to provide the certificates throughout the schools itself.

He said that there are already 62,000 applications received at Kendra and this step has been taken to avoid duplication of the applications.

Anganwadi centres visited

Teams visited Tarigudde Anganwadi, Nirala Site Anganwadi and Konimar Anganwadi in Bondanthila, Anganwadi centre Bolar, St John’s Anganwadi Bolar, Anaganwadi Centre Manjanadi, Anganwadi centre Adkarepadpu, K C T Anganwadi centre Mangalore, Kottara school Anganwadi centre, Adarshnagar Anaganwadi Chilimbi, Anaganwadi in Babbukatte, Gandi and Mudipadi.
Of these, expired energy rich food packets were found in Nirala Site Anganwadi Bondanthila, K C T Anganwadi centre Mangalore, Babbukatte and Gandi.

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