'Acting is my bread and butter'

'Acting is my bread and butter'

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'Acting is my bread and butter'
It’s not the first time that Sandalwood actor Vasishta N Simha has been noted for his voice. But his singing in ‘Marete Hodenu Unplugged’, a song from the upcoming movie ‘Dayavittu Gamanisi’, has fetched him particularly great reviews. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, the actor shares his excitement about the video.

Are you a trained singer?

Not at all. I just feel that I am blessed to have a good voice. I used to sing from my childhood and would listen to Hamsalekha’s songs.

Why an unplugged version of the song?

It was something new and exciting. When I sang the song, the director Rohit Padaki wanted it to be an unplugged version and not just a playback one. There are chances that this version will be retained in the movie too.

Things you like most about the song...

I love the violin bit in the song as it is amazing. The tune is very touching and the lyrics will definitely have an effect on the listener.

Some challenges you faced when singing...

I really lacked practice. There were some high notes in the song which I was sure I wouldn’t be able to sing. When I went to the studio, J Anoop Seelin told me to give it my best shot. I’m glad I did.

How does it feel to be the singer and the actor in the video?

I moved from Mysuru to sing. I’ve done a lot of things post that and to finally achieve what I wanted to do, is like coming a full cycle. I’m nothing  less than excited.

Thoughts on your mind when you were recording the song...

I was confused and nervous and wasn’t sure if it was a good move. I didn’t talk to anyone for an hour after the video was launched. It was only when I heard that the video had worked that I let out a big sigh of relief.

How important is music to you?

The only thing that can get me out of bed is music. Anyone who knows me well, will know that they can wake me up by playing a good song. Good music leaves one refreshed and energetic.

Would you like to be remembered as a musician or as an actor?

Acting is my bread and butter. Music is my passion. But, I would like to be remembered for all of it.

Another aspect of the industry that you want to try out?

I am giving a shot at screenplay writing. I have many other plans but I’d like to do things one by one.

Your favourite musician in the industry.

Hamsalekha... there’s no doubts about that. He is my guru and my god in the world of music. It’s his songs that got me singing.

What’s in the pipeline?

I might sing for a couple of my own movies as well as for others. Movie wise, ‘Duniya 2’ and ‘Dayavittu Gamanisi’ will release in July.