Doctor operates wrong leg of 3-yr-old girl

Doctor operates wrong leg of 3-yr-old girl

Doctor operates wrong leg of 3-yr-old girl

An orthopaedic surgeon in Amritsar on Thursday operated the wrong leg of a Three-year-old, leaving the girl and her parents in utter misery.

Niyati was to be operated upon for an ankle issue in the right leg. However, the doctor operated on her left leg.

Her parents learnt about the doctor’s negligence when the girl was wheeled out of the operation theatre. Her father, Vipin, said the doctor initially misbehaved with them, but later admitted to the lapse and promised to rectify the error, albeit by another operation.

The incident took place at the railway empanelled hospital in Amritsar. Vipin is a railway employee posted there.

He said Niyati needed surgical intervention as she was finding it extremely difficult to place her right ankle on the floor. She was under treatment at the central hospital in New Delhi for some time, but her treatment had to be shifted to Amritsar after Vipin’s transfer.

The parents, accompanied by members of the Railways union, protested on Thursday shouting slogans against the erring surgeon, Dr Davinder. The doctor, sources said, is remorseful of what he maintains is an inadvertent error. He has promised that the girl will be completely fine after a surgery. But the parents are not keen on Dr Davinder treating Niyati. Union representatives said though the doctor had admitted to his negligence, it was not an ordinary lapse.

The union has demanded that Dr Davinder’s licence be revoked. The higher railway authorities were quick to order a probe into the incident.