As good as home-cooked food

As good as home-cooked food

As good as home-cooked food

popular An outside view of the eatery.

A vegetable gravy, that doesn’t have a layer of oil all over it, is hard to find, especially when it comes to North Indian food. And that’s where Sri Prayag Raj comes in.

One of the delights of eating here is that it is one of the few places in the City that serves cheaply priced North Indian food, without the taste of curry leaves ruining the taste. The place is named so because the owners, Krishna Kumar and Rekha, hail from Allahabad.

Situated near Jyoti Nivas College in Koramangala, this place is tucked away in a small corner and finds a fine balance between pleasing your taste buds and your wallet as well.This place serves completely vegetarian food.The ordering can be done through the simple system of money tokens.

A plate of puri-sabji comes with five puris, two vegetables and is served with a special lip-smacking chutney made from tomatoes. Just one plate of this is a fulfilling meal in itself, which leaves room for nothing more.

“We cook new vegetables everyday, according to what comes fresh in the market,” says Rekha. While the menu serves snacks and light breakfast items also, like poha, upma and chat, the most ordered items remain the thali and stuffed parathas.

The parathas are neither too big and overfilled with stuffing nor are they too thin. It is just right keeping the flavour of the vegetables intact.

Another treat for the tastebuds is the amazing thick chilled lassi they serve, which takes ages to finish. A commonly ordered item is the North Indian thali, which includes rice, rotis, vegetables, pulses, curd and papad and makes for a completely balanced meal. And it is not a bad bargain at all.

And while you are here, do try out the gulab jamuns, the only sweet available on the menu. Bigger than the average jamuns and extremely soft, these are a perfect way to end a meal.

The place is always brimming with people, most of whom are either students or professionals, who come in for lunch and dinner. “I eat here almost every other day because the food is not like what you get outside.You feel you are eating home-made food,” says Sangita.

So any time, you miss the taste of hot puris or fresh gobi parathas, you know where to find them.