Police begin probe into schoolgirl's rape

Police begin probe into schoolgirl's rape

Superintendent of Police C B Rishyant said on Tuesday that he had begun investigation into the rape of a girl by the peon at her school and three others.

The victim had written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, seeking justice. Copies of the letter had been marked to top officials of the district.

Rishyant told reporters here that he had sent police personnel to the school at a village in the taluk to gather preliminary information. However, the identity of the girl was yet to be ascertained, the officer said.

The suspect named in the letter had also been questioned, he said. The police will also probe whether there is a conspiracy angle to the episode, to tarnish anyone.

All the 78 Dalit girls studying in the school have been questioned, but none said she wrote the letter, another officer said. He said the peon faced similar charges at a school where he worked earlier. But the charges later turned out to be false. It is suspected that the same student may have levelled the charges now also, he said.