No fuss on bus

No fuss on bus

No fuss on bus

Popular BIG 10 bus.

One of the most popular campaigns of the Indian Premier League is Going Green.
Following this spirit, the BMTC has launched special green buses (more commonly known as the BIG 10) and the Volvos for the IPL alone. With routes ranging across all parts of the City, these buses not only help the public get back home safely, but also lend a hand in decongesting the traffic after a match gets over.

Over the past few years, the popularity of the BMTC buses amongst the youth in the City has increased immensely. Most of the IPL matches end as late as 11 pm. So many youngsters and working professionals in the City, who don’t have their own transportation, find this facility a boon. “While watching the matches live in the stadium is great fun, getting back home does become a problem. The buses are of great help because not only are they economical, but they also leave within 15 minutes after a match ends,” says Akash, a working professional.

The tickets, priced at Rs 20 each, make the ride economical.

Many passengers also say that these buses drive away worries like finding a parking space, organising a taxi and fighting with the auto drivers. “Autos are surely having a field day as they are charging nothing less than Rs 200 for a ride back home. I would recommend a bus any day because coming out of the stadium, one does not have to worry about all the haggling,” says Sanjana, a student.

The buses also prove to be a great place for conversations after a match. The spirit inside the stadium is carried on the journey back home, involving even the drivers and conductors. Many recollect their special moments of the match and discuss about what went wrong or exchange the merchandises that they bought in the stadium.

One observes a sense of friendship between the drivers, conductors and passengers growing.

A lot of students also prefer buses. Travelling in big groups makes it easier and safer, they say. In fact, many girls too make use of this facility. “Being students, buses become very economical and since we are in groups, we have someone with us as well,” says Riya, a student.

 Deepali, a student from Nepal who studies in the City, says that being an outsider, she finds the buses extremely user-friendly. “I find the Volvos very safe. They are a great way to beat the heat while travelling in the City. Plus, the conductors are kind and help you out on where to get off,” she says.