'I try to be as realistic as I can'

'I try to be as realistic as I can'

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'I try to be as realistic as I can'

There’s no hat that actor Anu Prabhakar Mukherjee hasn’t donned in the industry. From exhibiting her talent on the big screen to acting on the small screen, hosting television shows to judging reality shows, Anu has done everything an actor would aspire for.

She is now returning to the small screen to essay the role of Vani in a daily television soap titled ‘Triveni Sangama’. Anu says that the role has helped her discover a new dimension of the actor in her. In an interview with Nina C George, she talks about her return to the small screen.

How did ‘Triveni Sangama’ happen?

I started shooting for it in 2016 and it went on air this year. I’ve only judged and hosted television shows till now, but this is the first time that I am doing a full-fledged fiction show on television.

How different is it from working in films?

The work is more or less the same. Working in television is a time-bound affair and the pace is a bit more hectic.

Tell us about your character in ‘Triveni Sangama’.

I go by the name of Vani. She is a strong and independent woman who doesn’t lose hope after getting out of a bad marriage. She doesn’t let her past life affect her future.

Is the story of ‘Triveni Sangama’ relevant to modern times?

All the characters are very realistic and relatable. The women in the story are not weak-hearted. They know how to stand their ground and stick to what they believe in.

How was the small screen experience?

I have always believed that television has a wider reach compared to films and that it is a powerful medium. The audience connects with you at a much closer level.

Are you happy with the feedback about your character?

People say that I look very natural and that there’s nothing loud about the role. I’ve always made sure that I don’t go overboard. I try to be as realistic as I can.

Will films take a backseat now?

Work in television keeps me busy 12 days a month. The rest of the time is dedicated to films.

Are you happy with the scripts coming your way?

Some of the characters that are coming my way are not suited to my age. I choose only those that work for me.

When will we see you and Raghu working together?

Raghu and I would love to act together but we haven’t come across the right script yet.