India ready to supply military hardware to Af

India ready to supply military hardware to Af

India ready to supply military hardware to Af

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to convey to US President Donald Trump that India is ready to commit more military hardware to combat the terror threat in Afghanistan.

The escalating offensive by the resurgent Taliban and other terror networks in Afghanistan will figure prominently in Modi’s maiden meeting with Trump at White House on June 26.

While the US administration is contemplating deploying additional troops in Afghanistan, Modi is likely to convey to Trump that India is also ready to step up its support to the Afghan National Defence and Security Force (ANDSF) to combat terror, sources in New Delhi told DH.

India does not plan to send soldiers to Afghanistan, but it is ready to provide more helicopters, armoured vehicles and other military hardware to the ANSDF.

India is also likely to train more personnel from the Afghan National Army and Afghan Air Force at facilities in India.

A series of attacks by the Taliban and other terror groups across Afghanistan earlier this month resulted in death of about 200 people, prompting the US to start contemplating raising the number of troops that are deployed there.

Pakistan issue
Modi will also make it clear to Trump that it will be difficult to defeat terror in Afghanistan as long as the terrorist outfits get safe havens and sanctuaries in Pakistan.

 US officials have conveyed to India that the Trump Administration’s new policy on Afghanistan would have more emphasis on a “regional approach” and that Washington would welcome India playing a more proactive role in supporting “efforts to stabilise” the conflict-ravaged country, said sources aware of recent India-US talks on Afghanistan.

Modi is likely to convey to Trump that New Delhi is in discussion with Afghanistan to work out a long-term plan to augment India’s support to the ANDSF and “a comprehensive joint mechanism” to combat terror.