Romancing the nature

Romancing the nature

My perfect weekend

Romancing the nature

When I was single, my weekends were packed. I would be busy with my shoots and other work.
 Now that I am married, I keep myself free during the weekends so that I can spend it with my wife Rachana.

Usually, on Fridays, once my work is over, I go to the gym and spend about one-and-a-half-hours doing cardio, weight training and other exercises. Working out at the gym is an intrinsic part of my daily schedule.

I carry my diet food which comprises of a few spoons of red rice, egg-white and half-cooked vegetables like beans, to the gym.

 I make sure to have around six glasses of fruit juices every day. It could be sweet lime, watermelon and orange.

I focus a lot on well-being and fitness as I like to be fit and be perfect for the roles that I am doing.

It is important to do so when you are working in an industry like this. I also go for my gymnastics classes in Banashankari. This is often followed by hanging out with my friends. We usually get together at our family restaurant ‘Mane Ruchi’s Palate’ at Nagarbhavi Circle. I am choosy about what I eat though I like food. I have a special diet which the restaurant staff prepares for me when I am there.

My friends and I chat about everything under the sun — from our work schedules to what is coming up. I take my friend’s advice on my projects too.

I head home to spend some quality time with the family afterwards. After a delicious dinner, we all sit down to watch television. There’s usually a fight for the remote. I always have to give up and my mother and wife watch whatever they want to. If my father is home, we sit and watch
the news together.

I try to sleep early.

     On Saturdays, if there is a shoot, then I wake up early. If not, I get up around 8.
My day starts with herbal tea which helps detoxify the body. Earlier, I used to go for bike rides with friends to Nandi Hills and Maddur on Saturday mornings. I love travelling and visiting places. My father is a mining engineer and we have lived in places like Dandeli and Bageshpura, which is blessed with natural beauty. I have always had a close connect with plants and trees. Taking care of my terrace garden is a big part of the day. Plants are like pets — they grow with attention and love. The beans and cucumber for my diet often come from my garden.

I had a pet dog but after he died I didn’t want to raise another one. I visit my cousin’s kennel and I love spending time with the dogs there. It’s a very rejuvenating experience. The little furry friends always melt my heart. Saturdays are also for shopping with my family. If my brother Nitin is free, we all head out for dinner or spend some time together.

Sundays are a bit more relaxed as I do not go to the gym or have any practice classes.
We generally hang out in the house or go to the temple.

Once a month, we visit our hometown and relax at our farm in Kunigal. Also, if someone wants to meet me to discus a script, I invite them over. I also catch up with my friends over the phone. I love travelling and if I’m out of the city, you can find me in places like Bandipur which has so much serenity. Beaches are another favourite haunt of mine as the waves have a magical way of soothing your mind.”

A few of my favourite things

My shoe collection
Tissot watch
Mobile phone
Verna Fluidic car
My bike

(As told to Tini Sara Anien)