Madhwacharya's bronze idol found in Tellaru

Madhwacharya's bronze idol found in Tellaru

A bronze idol of Madhwacharya, who propagated Dwaitha philosophy, has been discovered at Jaladurga temple in Tellaru of Karkala taluk.

A press release by archeologist Prof T Murugeshi said the idol is about 12 cm in height and is placed on a pedestal. The two armed idol is a beautiful and classical example of the Vijayanagar period.

The right hand is in Chinmudra and the left is placed on the right foot. It has beautiful straight nose and eyes shown as half closed with a delightful smile. Long ears, which indicate superior intelligence, are the special features of this idol. The head is half shaved and it has roundish hair bun.

Prof Murugeshi said it is one of the first-of-its-kind discovery. Only two stone idols of the 16th Acharya are found in Udupi Sri Krishna Mutt and Pajaka, his birth place.

On the basis of style and shape, it can be traced to 14th or 15th century AD, he said in the release.