Coasting through life

Coasting through life

Coasting through life
While the city gallops forward on the path of development and  ‘Westernisation’, there are still a few places that retain the old world charm that people now seem to crave for.

‘Rooster's Soul Kitchen’ is one such restaurant that aims for this. The interiors are  warm and homely
decor with pleasantly dim lighting and relaxing jazz music to up the feel. The place is perfect for a simple family dinner or even a night out with your friends — all over some soulful food.

At first glance, the menu  may leave you feeling like there is nothing special in there but look closely for they have their own little twists in each dish.

The menu has continental classics along with Indian coastal delights. You can have a little bit of this and a little bit of that — like a little bit of  the ‘Malabar chemeen curry’ and a little bit of ‘Beef stroganoff’.

Their ‘bacon wrapped chilli peppers’ would leave you smacking your lips and rubbing your tummy.

‘The kerala beef fry’ will melt in your mouth. And who would give up the opportunity to taste a chicken or crab ‘rasam’?

Their quirky innovations may make you a little skeptical but rest assured that they stay true to their motto — to serve homely and soulful food. They serve a very interesting main course dish called ‘Snap trap carni’ — a pancake pyramid of two layers on a bed of tomato ‘concasse’, filled with lamb and chicken mince and topped with a generous amount of cheese sauce that is simply out of this world.

Rich and filling, this dish will have you taking the phrase ‘eat like there is no tomorrow’ a bit too seriously.

Since simplicity is a desirable quality when it comes to the kitchen, don’t look down on the plain old ‘Kerala chicken stew with appam’ and Cheesecakes.

They are guaranteed to take you on a quick trip to heaven.

The food is elegantly plated  and comes in sizeable proportions, making it worth every penny you pay.

Another noteworthy factor  is that they serve only beer and beer-based cocktails, though this might be a bit restraining for those who are not lovers of this beverage.

Classic mocktails are available, though the options are somewhat limited.
They also have a little stage space that sees live music on Friday,  Saturday and Sunday nights.

So those who want to indulge in an old Bengaluru  setting and enjoy some delicious cuisine while at it, then Rooster’s at 39, 80 Ft Road, HAL 3rd stage,

Indiranagar is your place. For details, call 45128737.