Now, a device to access email only

Now, a device to access email only

Now, a device to access email only

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Siddharth Mangharam, CEO of US-registered Peek, knew this when he launched an email device, also named Peek in India a couple of weeks ago. So he added many useful features to work with Peek. 

Peek, a venture capital-funded wireless technology company headquartered in Bangalore, has developed Peek to take mobile messaging to mass market. The hand-held device provides a simple, straightforward and useful solution to mobile messaging. “Our solution is also affordable for consumers and enterprises in India. The Rs 299 data plan from Aircel gives unlimited access in a month. As the device can store 5,000 emails its capacity is adequate from most people,” Mangharam claimed.

Peek has an easy-to-type Qwerty keypad, weighs about 100g and has 16MB memory. It can configure 3 email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo mail, MSN mail etc, and also office mails that use Microsoft Exchange protocols.

But Mangharam knew that in the world of convergence when mobile phones can be used to receive and send emails, apart from using them for voice, data, music, pictures etc, Peek will find it difficult to get accepted as a ‘only email’ device. So he is adding a host of value added services useful for large and medium enterprises, to work with Peek.

Easy & economical

To tap the largely untapped market of delivering sales force applications across the pharmaceutical, FMCG and consumer durable verticals, Peek has developed applications that enable sales team members to send in their sales reports directly to a central system instantaneously. These reports can be collated to prepare a daily sales report by a company. “The advantage is that rather than physically entering data from faxes or emails on a weekly basis Peek will generate instant reports everyday in a prescribed form,” Mangharam said. “Using Peek is very easy and economical when compared to the more elaborate and expensive options available in the market today.” Peek has also developed a range of consumer applications called ‘askPeek’, which enable a user to get free unlimited access to cricket scores, information on weather in major Indian cities, information on restaurants, cinemas, malls etc in a particular city, by sending emails. One can also get information on astrology and from wikipedia by sending mails. There is no extra charge for these information and no limit on the size of the file containing the info. Peek is also working on various vernacular language options for its email service, he added.