'I work better when I am nervous'

'I work better when I am nervous'

Shreya Ghoshal is making waves again

'I work better when I am nervous'
The artiste, who has already made an illustrious career in Bollywood and in several other film industries, recently came out with a single called ‘Dhadkane Azad Hai’. She has produced, sung and acted in it.

In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, the singer sheds light on her new venture and her journey in music.

What is ‘Dhadkane Azad Hai’ all about?
I don’t know when and how this idea came about. Doing something without any boundaries of story, film and narrative excited me. Making a song out of nothing; a tune out of nowhere was the concept.

You’re the face of the song and have also produced it...
After the song got a structure, I realised that it had to be properly shot. Since, it was a single I decided to appear in it. It was a refreshing and organic process. Producing a project makes one learn new things -- one has to make sure that everything is in place.

Where was the song shot?
It was shot in Manali in March when it was very cold. We had a little snowfall just before our shoot. This made me realise that even after arranging everything, sometimes suddenly nature will go ‘no, not happening now’ (laughs).

You’ve been in the industry for a while. How much has playback singing changed for you?
There has been a change of sound more than the style of singing. I still look at a song the same way.

Your secret of singing fluently in other languages?
I have always been fascinated with languages and the sounds that come with each of them. I just obediently follow the composer. I have created my own script to break down the different words and get the nuances of the language right.

Which was the most challenging one?
I have to say Malayalam!

What do you think is more important -- lyrics or melody?
It used to be all about melody earlier. Once I started understanding poetry, lyrics also became important. Both of these are equally important to make a song what it is.

What do you enjoy more -- stage shows or studio recording?
Both. A studio recording is like meditation, where you are in a closed room and creating something out of nothing. At a stage show, the process of going live and presenting songs energetically with greater freedom gives me a high.

Do you get nervous?
Not at recordings as it is my home ground. During stage shows, when I am in a new city, I do get nervous. I work better when I am nervous. It brings a certain adrenaline rush that has always worked positively for me.A song that brings a smile to your face. Every song has its own set of memories attached to them.

If you weren’t a musician, who would you have been?
I didn’t get a chance to think of being something else. My dad is an engineer, so maybe I would have been one. Wait, I love cooking, so maybe I would have been a chef. Who knows!
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