A fresh leash of life

A fresh leash of life

Rescuing an animal is experience that tugs your heart like nothing else. These heart-touching moments are all too familiar for the many good Samaritans in the city. They have dedicated their lives to rescue injured animals from the streets of Bengaluru and offered them a fresh lease of life.

Vandana Vanderveen, a sales and marketing executive, have been rescuing injured dogs ever since she can remember. She says, “Whenever I saw an injured puppy on my way back from school, I would bring it home and take care of it till I was caught. I still continue rescuing all animals I see on the road, especially dogs.” She now has three dogs.

“I rescued the fourth one a couple of days back. I have been taking him to office as I am not sure how the other dogs will behave with him around. Thankfully I work in a pet-friendly place,” she adds.

Vandana nurses these puppies back to health and finds a dog-loving family to adopt her loved one. She explains, “Over the years, I have rescued puppies from drains or have been with them when they are hit by a vehicle (even if I know they will not make it). I am still in touch with the families who have adopted my rescues.”

Bengaluru is known to be one of the most pet-friendly cities in the country and that’s probably because of many ordinary people who do such good work.

Mandy Vasudevan, a business analyst, has been involved in many animal rescue activities in the city.

She says, “There are only so many rescue centres and hospitals that can help these injured animals, that’s why I do whatever I can in my power to help the helpless. It is an expensive affair but I never think twice about it.”

She encourages other animal lovers to also volunteer and help whenever they can. “It’s not always too much work. Many people call me for help and I’m grateful that I can help. But one can also volunteer and start making a change on their own so that the community of rescuers will grow,” she adds.

It’s these positive words that encourage many youngsters to be part of such activities. Anisha Peter, a musician, has always spent time with animals but it was when her brother adopted a dog that made her see another side of these animals. “They are innocent and beautiful. We all should help whenever we see an injured animal,” she explains.

Anisha has been changing the lives of many animals by rescuing and fostering them for over a year now. She says, “Many still prefer to have a specific breed of dogs but I hope that stops. The dogs have to go through horrible situations to reproduce and most of them are abandoned after being used. So let’s do our bit to help save the helpless and continue loving them.” After all, second-hand animals do make first class pets!

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