A sweet legacy continues

A sweet legacy continues

My culinary journey started at the young age of 19. Though cooking has been my passion since I was a child, I started serious experiments in the kitchen only during my late teens.

I was an RJ for 10 years and then a live show anchor for while. Today, I am a soft skill trainer and a fitness and dance instructor.

My interest in cooking I believe in purely genetic. My mother’s side of the family are great cooks and they are extremely passionate about this art. As a child, I was always interested in knowing how the taste of food varies when it’s made by different people. This curiosity soon turned into an interest.  

Making desserts has been my forte. I remember how I used to note down all my mother’s recipes in a notebook. Those days, when there was no YouTube and other online videos, my mother too used to collect recipes from old magazines, newspapers and cookbooks and treasure them.

On the days when a newspaper carries a recipe, my mother used to cut the recipes out.

So my father made sure that he read the newspaper first. I feel great that I have managed to keep those recipes safe. I love prawns and can make any cuisine with it. I have a sweet tooth too and love ‘soufflés’. The fact that it is light on the stomach and tasty at the same time makes it my favourite. ‘Rasamalai’ is another favourite of mine. I got married when I was very young and that was the time when I had just started to cook. And like everyone else, I too have made blunders in the kitchen. However, just six months after marriage, I could cook for 10 to 15 people at a time.

Today, I am blessed with two grown-up children and I am so glad they are not fussy eaters. In fact, it’s fascinating to see that my daughter too has grown up to be extremely fond of cooking. She makes amazing grilled dishes. I can proudly say, I have a family of many cooks who don’t spoil the broth.

The recipe I am sharing today is ‘Rasamalai’. Making ‘rasamalai’ is a tedious job and patience is the key. I make everything from scratch and it takes practice to come up with the perfect ‘rasamalai’.

Snigdha Kemkar

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