Heavy rain, strong winds destroy arecanut, coconut palms

Heavy rain, strong winds destroy arecanut, coconut palms

The farm owners who were overjoyed on hearing about the rains, were however crestfallen when they went to the farms only to see the trees uprooted.  About 26 arecanut trees all more than 45 years old in three acres farm belonging to C R Mahendra in the village were lying on the ground due to strong winds. Even a coconut tree was also uprooted.

In G N Prakash’s farm more than 50 arecanut trees have been destroyed and three coconut trees have fallen to the ground. In Gingade Shanker Rao’s farme more than 20 arecanut trees and four coconut trees have been destroyed.

If one arecanut tree is destroyed then four kg of crop per year is destroyed, said Mahendra and if one coconut tree falls to the ground then the loss is around 300 coconuts per year, he added.

Throughout the district the rainfall was good on Monday night. In Chikmagalur there was a rainfall of 5.5 mm accompanied by lighting and thunder. However, the force of the wind was stronger.

As the coffee flowers have blossomed in Malnad region, these pre-monsoon showers are ideal. In the plains the farmers are getting ready to till the land with great deal of enthusiasm.