To flourish professionally

Vijay Prakash Srivastava discusses various aspects that ensure a holistic and well-rounded education

To flourish professionally

All parents want the best for their children. Educating their children to become financially independent is one of their prime concerns. To the extent parents can afford, they send their children to good educational institutions. Indian society gives much importance to education. Hence, most of our students take their education seriously. Everyone hopes that doing well at college or university will lead to a good life. This is true, but only partially.

In many industry reports, it has been said that nearly one-third of our engineering graduates are not employable. So, can we say that our education will prepare us for life in all the cases? Education definitely increases our academic knowledge and adds to our personality. However, to achieve success and lead a meaningful life, we need to learn many other things. Every student should try to develop a holistic personality to make the best of life and also to face the challenges that may come along. Here are some aspects that students can consider to ensure their overall development:

Good network of friends: While there is no harm in having friends on various social media platforms, it is also important to have real friends in real life. Such friends matter more as you learn from each other. Look for friends beyond your college and school to develop a wider perspective. In fact, it is important to have a wider view to develop the ability to see the bigger picture. For this, you need to talk to people, listen to their viewpoints and respect the opinions. The revelation that not everyone thinks like you will make you tolerant and open to diversity.

Keep a balance: When you face the world after college, you will come to know that it is not an ideal place. How you keep away from vices and remain positive has to be decided by you. This is an important life skill that needs to be developed.

Be strong conceptually: There are some students whose only concern is to score well. They are not concerned about understanding the topics. While this strategy may work in the short run, it may not in the long run. You may feel helpless while writing competitive examinations and when subject-related questions are asked at job interviews. Hence, having a proper understanding of the subjects being taught is essential.

Discern astutely: Make sure that you keenly observe what is happening around you. Social awareness will help you develop new insights. To be able to judge situations in an astute manner is an important requirement in life, which can come only from observation and analysis.

Choose the right career: Your career decision will play a crucial role in shaping your life. Hence, it is necessary to arm yourself with the right skills and knowledge. In this light, talking to people who work in the field you are aspiring for will help. It’s better to choose something which matches your aptitude. Taking calculated risks and readiness to face challenges should be ingrained in your personality if you wish to move forward.

Once you are able to work through these, facing the challenges that the real world puts to you will be easy. What’s more, you will know how to deal with them through effective solutions.

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