What's on the menu?

What's on the menu?


What's on the menu?

The Morphe kitchen design. The contemporary look is about kitchens being sleek, uncluttered and functional. “If you can organise your kitchen, you can organise your life,” said Louis Parrish. Ask any home maker and they could not agree more. Kitchens today are not just a place to cook but are a vital part of a home.

New launches

Great care is being taken to see that it blends with the rest of your home’s décor. Soft closing channels in sliding drawers and cabinet shutters are the latest collection available in the market. The Johnson European and Indian Collections are customised for the end-user. The Indian collection can also be offered using marine ply, which is water resistant and particularly desired in excessively humid climatic conditions.

As opulence becomes the buzzword combined with the latest in technology, designer kitchens are using a range of materials such as glass, stainless steel, high-gloss lacquer and exotic woods to attain a look of sheer exclusivity. The latest collection in Poggenpohl is the Porsche Design Kitchen and the kitchen designed by Arch Jorge Pensi called the Plus Modo. The Porsche uses materials like glass, aluminum with Titanium finish, wood veneer and patented soft touch mechanism.

With its astute design and colour combinations, it is a kitchen that is designed for men. Kitchens are changing and no longer are the domain of women anymore!


The contemporary look is also about kitchens being sleek, uncluttered, modern and functional. Talking about colours, “White is the predominant colour and white in combination with red, black, grey and yellow are in vogue.

White colour lamination done on shutter frame with stainless steel handles in brush finish plus laminated glass shutter with stainless steel or aluminium profile on all four sides of the shutter are in vogue,” says Ketan Sheth, MD, Goldmine Projects Consultant. There is a demand for distinctive finishes.

The Internet and exposure to international travel has sensitised today’s buyers to world trends.

The Porsche kitchen design. “The customer often desires high-quality products, with international styling at reasonable prices. Because modular kitchens can be visualised, customers are more comfortable as they know what to expect in terms of the finished design and layout. Incorporated lighting, soft closing doors and high-end accessories have become the norm,” explains Vijay Aggarwal, Managing Director, H & R Johnson India (A Division of Prism Cement Limited).

Clean-lined, contemporary design with emphasis on symmetry is another important trend. “Technological advancement reflects in every aspect of our lives including kitchens. A lot of this technology is focused on making the kitchen more user-friendly while adding the “wow” factor to it,” says Anjum Jung, Managing Director, Morph Design Co.

“Among the latest trends is the use of more electronics in hardware and the use of new eco-materials for the construction of kitchen furniture,” says Rupal Maru, Senior Designer, Poggenpohl Kitchens.

The modular concept has opened up a plethora of new ideas and possibilities to suit every budget. The designs are pure with no clutter in appearance.

“More focus has been given to drawers than just shutters as they are more functional and ergonomical,” says Guru Prasad, Director of V3 Engineers.

Wallet factor

With so much to offer, it obviously does not come easy on the pocket. Pricing is most definitely on the higher side and could be a potential deterrent because of budget constraints of some clients. However, there is a wide price range, which seeks to meet every segment of demand.

“Besides, a reasonable premium is acceptable among most customers to compensate for the benefit of personal choice and convenience. The elimination of the need for personal supervision of quality of men, material and finished products is perceived as a more-than-significant advantage. Nuclear families and urban lifestyles have led to the need for easy installation and style statements of a newly emerging economically advantaged middle class,” explains Aggarwal.

High-end homes have evolved into a statement among the discerning consumer. “Pricing is only an outcome of the offering because it represents the luxury of spaces, in other words, sheer indulgence. This extends to all amenities within the house including the kitchen. Clients nowadays are willing to go that extra mile to get the right look for their kitchens. They seek uniqueness and personalisation of their proposed kitchens,” adds Jung.

Discerning customers are willing to spend when they see value for money quality.
 “With the advent of more imported kitchen the awareness towards quality and brand images of the kitchens has improved. The consumer is has now many more options and has ability to compare various kitchens has also increased,” says Maru.

Custom-made design

However, all said and done, designing a kitchen is all about customisation. So whether it is custom cabinetry, custom decorative accents, custom window treatments and custom lighting plans with adjustable heads and dimmers, counter lights, cabinet interior lights and cove lighting, you can do what you want.

For a more interactive and live kitchen, plasma television and music systems are being integrated to offer a relaxed and comfortable working environment.

And if you thought working in the kitchen was a boring job, think again. Your kitchen just got a make over!