Land in Bengaluru for Dalit, BC mutts?

Land in Bengaluru for Dalit, BC mutts?

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Tuesday assured grant of land in Bengaluru for educational and religious activities of Dalit and backward classes.

"The chief minister has assured that mutts representing Dalits and backward classes, like any other mutts, will be given land in Bengaluru. A decision will be taken at the next Cabinet meeting," Social Welfare Minister H Anjaneya told reporters.

Anjaneya led a delegation of 40 Dalit and backward pontiffs to meet the chief minister at his home office Krishna. Pontiffs from mutts in Chitradurga, Davangere and Belagavi were present.

In a three-page memorandum submitted to the chief minister, the Federation of Backward and Dalit Pontiffs have also sought inclusion of Uppara community in the scheduled tribes list, a welfare corporation for Gollas and their inclusion into the ST list among others.

After the visit, the pontiffs and the chief minister headed to Anjaneya's house for a grand feast.