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There is really no role that veteran actor Avinash hasn’t played so far. In his latest release, ‘Nishabda 2’, he plays the character of a visually impaired retired Army officer.
Avinash’s strong performance has made the character stand out in the film.

About his role, Avinash says, that he thoroughly enjoyed stepping into
the shoes of an Army officer.

“I agreed to the script because I found the subject and my character different from the usual. At first, my role of a visually impaired retired Army officer may come across as innocent but there are enough instances in the film to prove the character is not an
ordinary one,” explains Avinash.

In the film, Avinash’s character lives alone in a bungalow with a dog. The strength of the character comes through when somebody tries to break into his house.

But their exit becomes a challenge. “The film turns interesting when somebody tries to break in to his house. He might be visually impaired but is not weak and that is the message that is conveyed through this scene. Those who enter the house are trapped by my character and their very existence and survival becomes a challenge,” he adds.

His character is also created in such a way that he prefers to be aloof and doesn’t mix with anybody. “But he is sharp and knows every corner of his house. These qualities add to the mystery of the character,” he says.

The actor has also undergone a makeover for his role. He has worked out to improve his physique. “Since I play an Army officer, I was expected to look muscular which I have achieved through my regular workouts. You will also find me sporting a salt-and-pepper beard and wearing light contact lens. These additions have made to the character to make him appear real and believable,” says Avinash.

The actor is cast alongside newcomers but Avinash doesn’t seem to have a problem working with a young crew.

“I have no qualms about working with newcomers. I work on a project only if the script and my role are convincing. In fact, I like working with young people because you get an insight into how young minds work. What is also evident in the film is teamwork and the exploration of new ideas,” adds Avinash.

Has Avinash ever felt a sense of stagnancy in his career? “I think at some point everybody experiences stagnancy and monotony in their careers, but I
make sure I break that monotony by carefully choosing my roles. I don’t work on cliched characters. And fortunately, most of the offers that I have been getting are indeed unique,” he says.

The actor looks nothing like his age. How does he manage to stay so fit? “Working out is an addiction for me. I feel that something is amiss on days that I don’t workout. I also make sure that I don’t alter my diet,” he signs off.

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