Licence to quill

Licence to quill

Licence to quill

Saba  Kausar has an eye for detail and we are taking the pun very literally here. The  ophthalmologist has  an inclination towards detailed, minute works and strives for perfection  - a tendency which is seen in her profession as an eye specialist as well as her hobby of quilling.  

 "I was interested in arts and crafts since  childhood but once I got into medical college in 2004, I stopped. I didn't have time as I was concentrating on my studies. From the beginning of this year, when I finished my course and started working, I started devoting my spare time to this again," she says.  

From stuffed toys and handmade candles to  quilling on plastic glasses and  stitching  - she has tried it all. "I think I got my interest in this field from my mother. She does a  lot of embroidery and is a true perfectionist. I don't think I have got her talent but I have tried to learn a few things from her," says Saba, adding that the rest of her lessons were largely  
by way of experimentation and watching YouTube videos.

Floral motifs are a recurring theme in her creations, many of which find their way into the hands of relatives and friends as gifts. "They love the fact that I spend so much time for them and make something that will reflect their likes and dislikes.
Out of all the things I have made so far, the nameplate that I made for my mother-in-law for her birthday remains my favourite. I was newly married and hadn't started working yet. So I had time to sit and create something truly special and she loved it," recalls  Saba.

Time remains a constraint as she puts in many hours of work at the clinic every day but she still manages to find time to indulge in her passion and throw in an occasional visit to Raja Market as well.

"I get my raw materials from Raja Market. For me, that place is like heaven. You get anything and everything there, I feel so excited when I go there."

For inspiration and feedback, Facebook is her go-to place. " I am part of a group called 'DIY Creations' in Facebook. There, I put up pictures of my creations and also  see what others are posting. There are many new and innovative things that people are trying and this inspires me.  But my ideas are my own," she says.  

Saba plans to keep pursuing her interests even in future, both because she enjoys the pastime and because it acts like a stress buster for her, and wishes to display her works in a show or exhibition soon.