Exhibition of rosaries at Rosario Cathedral

Exhibition of rosaries at Rosario Cathedral

Exhibition of rosaries at Rosario Cathedral

A statement from St Pope John Paul II -   "The Rosary is my favourite prayer" - underlines the significance of the Holy Rosary which is known for miracles.

As a prelude to the Year of the Rosary (2018), a unique exhibition of about 50,000 rosaries from 85 countries was inaugurated by Mangaluru Bishop Dr Aloysius Paul D'Souza at Rosario Cathedral Hall in the city on Thursday.

Sabu Caiter, a collector of rosaries, belongs to Parur, Ernakulam, Kerala.  He told DH that the exhibition aims to motivate people to return to the practice of family prayer and prayer for families, continuing to use the Holy Rosary. He owes to the devotion of Mother Mary.

Sabu's passion for rosaries began in 1981 when he was handed over a rosary from his grandfather who was on his deathbed in 1981. The collection started by receiving two rosaries worn by Lady of Velankanni, he added.  

The rosaries are gifted to Sabu by Popes, Bishops, Cardinals, Priests, Nuns, relatives and from his friends across the globe. He said he adds new and unique rosaries to his collection often. He has been fortunate enough to be gifted with rosaries used by Saint Mother Teresa, which she handed him over, in person.

His prized possession includes the rosary given to him by Pope Francis. His communication to Pope Francis, requesting for a rosary, bore him surprising blessings from the Pope, not only in the form of the Rosary which he wanted but also in the form of a Holy Cross, a memento and a letter by the Pope which he awarded Sabu for his commendable work.

No two rosaries are alike in the exhibition. Each rosary is different from another in colour, size, design, material and other things. Some were special from the point of their antique value. There are 800 such old rosaries. Three hundred are from Vatican City alone.

The exhibition has 9,000 certified rosaries. There are also Holy Rosaries from Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Fatima and Lourdes. Rosaries made out of rubber, wax, stone, Crosses, and also 'Rudrakshi', took the onlookers by surprise. The unique collection also features a credit card rosary, used by soldiers in Saudi Arabia.

Sabu has organised this exhibition in the city for the first time. He said he has displayed his rosary collection in Bengaluru and Mysuru, apart from Tamil Nadu and Kerala. He is planning to go to Mumbai next week. He has also exhibited his collection in 150 churches.

His wife Benetta and son Francis Aghil are also contributing to the collection, he added.

Sabu,  who has stock market background,  felt that the blessings in the form of rosaries matter him a lot. His collection, in that way, is priceless, he added.

He also has the hobbies of collecting idols of Mother Mary.

An exhibition of rosaries by the general public from various wards of Rosario Cathedral was also held on the occasion. Rosaries made out of areca nuts, clay, palm leaves and threads  are also on display.  

Meera D'Souza, a visitor, said the exhibition of rosaries is indeed very rare and is divine.  

The exhibition is on up to November 12.

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