On the green route

On the green route

On the green route

On the green route

Adventurous souls in the city have often taken  varied  routes to explore nature. The latest interest among the community of cyclists is cycle tourism.  


Be it cycling an  entire stretch or transporting the cycle to the spot from where the journey starts,   
observing  scenic locales on their cycling is a soulful experience for many.



Businessman Chethan Ram has been cycling for a while and says such tours are the best way to burn calories while reconnecting with nature. "Burning calories while enjoying movie-like locations is a blessing. 
Driving a vehicle in and around the city can be tiring. Cycling cuts the monotony," he says.  


Chethan organises rides with groups to places like Coorg, Chikkamagaluru and Sakleshpur. He says that it is interesting to experience climatic variations on a cycle. "It can be quite refreshing," he adds.

Observing the smallest details of  nature en route can be a life-changing ride, which is one of the biggest aims of cycle tourism, notes civil engineer Kiran Kumar Raju.

"I've cycled to places like Ooty, Shimla and Kerala. One explores a place very differently on a car or bike compared to a cycle. You concentrate more on the route and observe minute details," he adds.  

He adds that taking part in a group activity like the 'Tour of Nilgiris'  event  helps one plan solo trips better.

"It will be my third time at the 'Tour of Nilgiris 2017'. It's a great window for newbies to explore places. Events like this teach  one about safety parameters like wearing a helmet, gloves, glasses, shoes and keeping items for hydration and nutrition handy," adds Kiran.

IT professional Venkateswara Rao Navanasi feels that cycling outside the city opens up one to varied experiences. "I have done solo trips and also travelled with friends. I have cycled at places like Madikere and Sultan Bathery. Away from the humdrum life of the city, such trips work as a great stressbuster and are a fun way of exploring a place," he says.

From the physical activity to mental relaxation,  touring on cycles are a great window to the world, adds  Venkateswara.  


Seen as a peaceful way of travelling, project lead Rishyashringa J S  feels that  cycle touring has picked up more as it is environmental-friendly as well as a natural form of exercising. 
"Coupling fitness with  nature is a satisfying experience. Instead of  spending a weekend  
in the city battling the traffic, touring through natural spots is a great way to rejuvenate oneself," he adds.