These young YouTube stars rock on

These young YouTube stars rock on

These young YouTube stars rock on

Barely in their teens or even younger, they are already YouTube stars. They are masters at the game called film-making. Overturning established norms of content consumption, these whizkids have turned creators, fashioning short, peppy videos that tell you a story in crisp, arresting frames.

The digital generation has defiantly gone beyond just passive consumption. Riding on a data explosion, unprecedented in scale and access, they are making and starring in videos that show how toys are unboxed and hair styled, how gadgets work and how 'Do It Yourself' kits unfold.

Being the face of the YouTube Kids channel 'My miss Anand,' eight-year-old Anantya is now riding a popularity wave with an astounding 1.43 lakh subscribers. Of course, her family of YouTubers is her support base. But she has built on it, her expressive mannerisms making every video go viral.

The topics are cleverly chosen to make that special connection with a worldwide audience. So Anantya would get all dramatic for her 6.44-minute video entitled 'Expectation Vs Reality: My daily school routine'. The bedroom would be colourfully decked up, and the props in right place, she would deliver those well-rehearsed lines. That video was funny enough to garner a whopping 8.14 lakh views.

Shooting tools could range from basic smartphones to advanced SLR cameras. Editing is mostly done with Adobe software. But that is her elders' department. They rack their brains about indoor lighting and outdoor sounds, filters and textual overlaps. For Anantya, it is all about being herself in front of the camera and eliciting comments that go: "The sleeping reality is so me!" "Enjoy these moments. You're gonna miss them too when you grow up."

Mixing cuteness with video smartness, Varchasvi Sharma is not your ordinary VJ on a YouTube jig. All of three years, she is now a master of unboxing toys. Directing her is YouTuber dad Praval, who quit his job to do gadget reviews full-time. His passion for YouTube videos had rubbed on her.

For her age, a 7.45-minute video on 'Learn Colours with Colour Balls' might look just fine. But she goes ahead and stars in her father's video on 'Redmi Y1 Unboxing,' following every step delicately. Her curious smile as she unwraps the smartphone and tries out its different feature is trigger enough for a million views and a thousand comments.

It is one year up in India for YouTube Kids, an app that now has an update for parents: Greater control over what their kids watch. But did they know Anantya wants to be called a content creator?