How To Train Your Dragon

The wondrous and mystical world of Vikings

3D films are always a treat. This week’s toast – ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ – a fun-filled fable with its fabulous 3D effects, sweeps you off your feet into a whole new world. Its sheer joi de vivre and the charismatic characters have you in their thrall, taking you along on a roller-coaster action-packed adventure.

Based on British author Cressida Cowell’s book, ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ aka HTTYD, has Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III son of Viking Chief, Stoick the Vast, and working as apprentice to blacksmith, Gobber the Belch. Much as Hiccup would like to blood himself as a dragon slayer with derring-do of his valorous Viking kinsmen, there’s a hitch. Though made of sterner stuff of his warrior clan, his winsome heart, however, is suffused with humane self.

Successfully felling a rare dragon Night Fury with his bolas canon one raiding night, instead of slaying it, he befriends it, naming it Toothless. The two turn bosom buddies and Hiccup fashions an artificial tail wing and control harness so that Toothless flies again.
Joining them is Astrid, head over heels in love with Hiccup, who discovers their secret trysts and rendezvous. With it begins an adventure of a lifetime. Strap yourselves and cruise into the wondorous world of Vikings and equally vicious dragons for a heart-stopper experience.

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