Civic workers in Ambedkar colony live in a cesspool of apathy

Civic workers in Ambedkar colony live in a cesspool of apathy

Civic workers in Ambedkar colony live in a cesspool of apathy

Civic workers in the TMC jurisdiction, who ironically ensure that residents live in clean environs, are sadly devoid of such a basic right as they themselves live in unhygenic conditions at Ambedkar colony, near Shastri Circle, in Kundapura.

The workers have to put up with an unbearable stench that emanates from a storm water drain near Ambedkar colony. These workers have to perpetually keep their nostrils covered throughout the day and have to even eat their meals by covering up.

A raja kaluve from Nehru Maidan passes through Gandhi Maidan, Kundeshwara Temple, Barekattu and passes through Ambedkar Colony. Sewage and wastewater from the hostel run by the Social Welfare Department and a few houses in the vicinity is discharged into the storm water drain causing severe hardship to residents of the colony.

To further compound their misery, mud has been dumped on the storm water drain that passes near GLB Road near Ambedkar Colony to check the flow of sewage. This has further aggravated the problems of the residents.

'No action taken'

Residents have also submitted a petition to the elected representatives and TMC officials but no action has been initiated so far.

"The problems began when people started letting sewage into the drains. The Municipal authorities have been indifferent to our plight," the residents complain.

Several petitions and personal representations to the Municipality have not elicited any response," say residents. Further, plastic waste clogs the drain and stagnant water offers a breeding ground for mosquitoes, they state.

It is not only the residents of Ambedkar Colony who bear the brunt as even the residents of Barekattu behind Kundeshwara temple are equally inconvenienced.

Ill-maintained hostel

The residents feel that the hostel, run by the Social Welfare Department, is overcrowded. The toilet pits have developed cracks and the water seeps into the drains as well.

Though the TMC officials have been pumping the sewage from the drain, no permanent solution has been chalked out so far.

TMC vice president Rajesh said that, "The issue has been brought to the notice of the Deputy Commissioner who in turn has promised to separate the sewage from the drain using a machine. The Social Welfare Department should also make separate arrangements for disposal of waste water from the hostel."