'Latha and I got along very well'

'Latha and I got along very well'

'Latha and I got along very well'

Actor Chetan has played the role of a journalist in his latest release, 'Athiratha'. He says he took up the role because he was impressed with the script and the style of narration.

The story, he says, deals with a lot of socially-relevant issues and raises some important points that beg for answers. "I liked my character because I play a journalist who stands up for something that he feels strongly about. He stumbles upon a fake certificate racket and works towards unearthing the details that led to the scam," explains Chetan.

He adds that he liked the way his character was designed to use the potential and power of the media to bring to fore important issues that affect a large section of society. "The gripping script, compelling screenplay and an edge-of-the-seat style of narration, is what truly sets this film apart. I could connect with my character pretty fast because some of the points that are raised in the film are close to my heart as well," adds Chetan.

The film also has actor Latha Hegde who also plays a journalist opposite Chetan. Like Chetan, Latha too has lived overseas for most of her life.   "Latha and I got along very well because there are several subjects of common interest to both of us. She, like me, connects very strongly to Kannada language and feels that something must be done to popularise Kannada language and culture. She and I have been exposed to multiple cultures and this has helped us adapt to other cultures very well," adds Chetan.

Chetan says that youngsters who feel very strongly about certain issues will be able to understand the subjects highlighted in the script.

The actor says that the opportunity to work with director Mahesh Babu was another factor that clinched the deal. "I was impressed after I watched Mahesh Babu's 'Arasu'. I liked the way he handles serious subjects and I admire how he deals with stress. His in-depth knowledge about music and folkart is also something that I connect with," says Chetan.

The actor feels that scripts must be written in such a way that it brings about positive changes in society."Cinema must be used as a tool to draw people's attention to important issues that affect the growth and progress of society," he signs off.