It's right time to build Ram Mandir, says Subramanian Swamy

It's right time to build Ram Mandir, says Subramanian Swamy

It's right time to build Ram Mandir, says Subramanian Swamy

The time is right for building Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. The Hindus will observe next Deepavali at the site, said Rajya Sabha Member Subramanian Swamy.

He was speaking at the 27th Codava National Day organised by Codava National Council (CNC), here at Gandhi Maidan on Sunday.

He expressed confidence that the final judgement in the court will be in favour of Hindus. There are enough evidences from the survey conducted by Department of Archeology, which has been appraised to the court. Even RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwath during Dharma Sansad at Udupi has raised the issue of Ram Mandir, he explained.

Subramanian Swamy further said "in a few Muslim countries, masjids are cleared to construct road and housing complexes. The masjids are used only for prayer. Prayers can be offered anywhere. A separate place would be provided for prayer. However, permission will not be granted at the birth place of Lord Sri Rama. Ayodhya is a holy place for Hindus," he claimed.

He mockingly termed former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as "Circus King" who danced according to the tunes of a Italian woman.

He further said that Sonia Gandhi has furnished wrong information to the Election Commission on her degree. Even Rahul Gandhi is not a graduate, he added.

"AICC President Sonia Gandhi and former Union Minister P Chidambaram who are involved in a scam will serve jail term for sure. Who will enter the jail first is the question?" he said.

Swamy said, "the Congress leaders are terming Tipu Sultan as a freedom fighter. In reality, he is an anti-national and a bigot. He is bogus hero of Karnataka. There is enough evidence to prove that Tipu had plundered temples. How to discuss the issue with Congress leaders who have no knowledge on history?" he asked.

A memorandum demanding to give union territory status to Kodava land and also tribal status to Kodavas was submitted to Subramanian Swamy on the occasion.