Judiciary, govt need to be on same page: Modi

Judiciary, govt need to be on same page: Modi

Judiciary, govt need to be on same page: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday underlined the need for the government and judiciary to be on the same page for realising the dream of 'New India', but wondered whether they are working in unison.

Addressing the valedictory session of the Constitution Day celebrations, Modi said the occasion raises an important question on the relationship between the three arms of the government - legislature, executive and judiciary.

"The Constitution has ensured that we move forward through the path of democracy and it prevented us from wavering from the path. The government, judiciary and bureaucracy are party of this family. This occasion raises an important question. As members of this family, are we adhering to the norms, which the Constitution wants us to follow?" Modi said.

On whether these branches of the government are strengthening and cooperating with each other, the prime minister said this question is not linked just to those working in the government and judiciary as it is "linked to all institutions of the country on whom crores of people have placed their faith".

"The question is whether these institutions are working towards development, whether they are understanding the needs of the country, whether they are understanding the challenges this country faces and whether they are understanding the needs of the people. The question is whether they are cooperating each other. Are they supporting each other, strengthening each other?" he said.

He said the Constitution envisions separation of powers, which could not be violated. "The legislature should be free to frame laws, the executive should be free to take any action and the judiciary should be free to interpret the laws enacted by the legislature," he added.

Modi's comments came as senior Union ministers Arun Jaitley and Ravishankar Prasad locked horns with Chief Justice Dipak Misra on the question of judicial activism.