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Last Updated 28 November 2017, 18:48 IST

Nadam' presented a classical dance extravaganza called 'Kala Nadam 2017', in aid of Child Rights Trust, at ADA Ranga Mandira recently.

The three-day festival saw bharathanatyam by Radhika Shetty, the team of 'Samskruthi Ensemble' and G Narendra's 'Avigna Dance Ensemble', 'Kuchipudi Vaivarnya' by students of Dr Vasanth Kiran of Reva University, kathak by Tribhuwan Maharaj, dance duo Nandini K Mehta and K Murali Mohan, along with their 'Nadam Ensemble', odissi by Ranjana Gauhar and Latin American dances by Los Compadres from Panama.

Delhi-based Ranjana Gauhar performed on the third day. She danced to the pieces of her guru, Mayadhar Rautji, who had brought 'Mudra Vinyoga' and 'Sanchari Bhava' into the odissi dance form.  

Flute strains by Dheeraj Pandeyji marked the beginning of Ranjana's performance. She had chosen few of her 'guru''s 'Ashtapadis' for the evening's performance.

Her first piece was an 'Ashtapadi' called 'Rati Sukhasaare' taken from Jayadeva's 'Gita Govindam', set in 'Kalyani raga' and 'Adi taalam'.

The dancer brought out the beauty of Radha and Krishna's love, wherein they are separated but are longing for each other.

Their friend, who is the narrator, is trying to bring them together on the banks of river Yamuna, where Krishna is waiting for her. In her second performance 'Sakhi He Keshi Mathan Mudaram,' Radha requests her friends to bring Krishna -- the slayer of demon Keshi -- to her.

Ranjana completed her last performance with 'Kuru Yadu Nandan'. This piece was set in 'Mishra Kafi raga' and 'Jati taalam'.

As the audience relaxed into the mood, it was time for a kathak recital by the 'Nadam Ensemble'.

The team started with 'Durga Stuti', originally composed by Dr Bhimsen Joshi.
It was choreographed by Nandini K Mehta and K Murali Mohan. The music was by Praveen D Rao.

The audience could see the grace and anger of Goddess Durga in the performance.

In the second piece, one was transported to the Vrindavan days of Lord Krishna when he lifted the Govardhan mountain.

The team's final piece was  packed with three different speeds and had vigorous footwork, quick pirouettes, grace and vivacity.  

The three-day event closed beautifully with a bharatanatyam piece by G Narendra's 'Avigna Dance Ensemble' from Chennai. Narendra and his team were flawless in their performance which was dedicated to Ganesha.

This was followed by 'Aadisidale Yashoda' and a performance portraying Shiva in 'Ananda Thandavam', which is a rare composition by late M Balamuralikrishna. Narendra dedicated his last piece 'Hanuman Bhajan', to his late father.

(Published 28 November 2017, 12:08 IST)

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