Woman held for Moscow blasts

Woman held for Moscow blasts

Forty people were killed and many injured in the blasts that rocked the city.

A resident of western Lithuanian city of Klaipeda, the woman with Chechen links was detained at the Vilnius international airport while trying to get on a flight to Moscow shortly before metro bomb strikes, RIA Novosti reported quoting the Lietuvos Rytas Lithuanian daily. The woman attracted attention of Lithuanian special services as she persistently tried to obtain a Russian visa and her luggage contained literature about explosives and detailed Moscow metro map.

Subsequent investigation revealed that she had a Chechen friend, who perished after returning to his homeland in 2007.

The girl soon ran from home and was found six months later in a small German town where she lived with a Chechen family. She used to say that she wanted to get converted to Islam, and after returning to Klaipeda maintained contacts with other Chechens living there.
Prosecutor General’s offices in Lithuania and Russia, as well as Lithuanian State Security Department did not comment on the report.

On Friday, Russia said it has arrested main plotters of the Moscow bombings.
“We have made arrests. Very serious work is underway,” a law enforcement source was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti. However, no other details were disclosed.