'I can flow with any beat'

'I can flow with any beat'

Akhil Chandrashekar aka '2EM' believes that he can change the world with his music. The young rapper who remembers writing music since the age of five is glad that he is steps closer to spreading strong messages through his music. He is excited about his new album 'The Debut' which released recently. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, he talks about the track and more.  

What is the story behind  '2EM'?

Rap is a genre which always gives due credit to the people one idealises. My favourite artistes are '2pac' and  Eminem and I'm paying them a tribute through my name.  

How did music happen to you?

I  always found that music pulled me out of any bad phase that I have been through. Seeing struggle and pain around, I always knew that this would be how I would be able to make a change. Music is my outlet for change. I believe that I am working with rap because it is a genre which depicts a revolution. My music shows my struggle.  

What are you trying to explore through your music?

I want Indians to understand our roots and culture. I also stand strongly for causes like fighting women abuse and will be releasing a track in February based on it. My music will explore subjects based on politics, history, culture, human behaviour and also lyricism.        

Tell us a bit about 'The Debut'. What's next?

I understand that the market I am dealing with is easily influenced. Talking about subjects like sexual abuse or drug abuse could easily get me typecast. I have tried to explore lyricism and boom-rap in 'The Debut', which would help me reach a larger audience. The next track is called 'Type People', which talks about the different type of people who exist. 'A Smile from Pain', the next one will be released at the end of  December. Everyone hears a lot of happy music around this time of the year and this track will connect to those who have had a difficult year. It tries to reach to people who need music to cope.    

Rap is connected to tempo. What is your Beats Per Minute (BPM)?

I can flow with any beat. I am comfortable with anything, varying from 80 to 144 BPM.

Your other favourites in music are...

I am also deeply influenced by Jimi Hendrix and  Bob Marley because of what they stood for through their music.  

Music to you is...

Everything! It's the only reason I function. There is no other way I can put forward my existence other than through music. Music is the only way I can express.

Is there a  strong rap scene in the country?

Our culture is such that it accepts music from all genres. The scene doesn't exist at the moment but it is picking up.

Just before a gig, what is the first thing you remind yourself?

I tell myself why I am at the event and not to get carried away.  

What is your lucky charm?

My mind and my existence.  

If you were not a musician,  what would you have been?

A politician. I strongly believe that I have to make a change.

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