Aadhaar linking to auto licence

Autorickshaw licenses may soon be linked to the drivers' Aadhar numbers. The transport department plans the linking in a bid to avoid duplicate auto licenses in the city.

The RTO received several complaints about auto owners and drivers who were involved in duplicating licenses. Some of them duplicated more than five copies of a single license.

The State Transport Commissioner B Dayananda said "We are going to introduce the e-permit system to avoid license duplication. It will take another 15 days to implement it. Once in effect, we can link Aadhaar number to the auto rickshaw license."

Dayananda clarified that the rule applies to both the existing license holders and to new applicants. "We will give time to link the Aadhaar numbers. All the auto drivers should link the Aadhaar number compulsorily, otherwise, the license will be cancelled. This applies to existing license holders and also to the new applicants. Initially, only Bengaluru city will have the e-permit, later we will implement it across other districts in the state," he added.


1.25 Lakh licensed autos in the city.

15,000 duplicate auto license in the city.

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