NCERT bans use of IT facilities to download 'recreational materials'

NCERT bans use of IT facilities to download 'recreational materials'

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has banned officials, staff and students from using its information technology infrastructure for downloading of "recreational materials" like movies, games and porn.

Formulating its first policy for use of computers and internet facilities, the council has also banned sharing or transfer of any copyrighted material within the NCERT or with others outside without expressed consent of the owner of such material.

"Playing of games or accessing recreational/offensive/pornography resources in the Institute (NCERT) laboratories or by using Institute facilities is strictly prohibited. Display of offensive material is strictly disallowed," the council's IT policy stipulates.

Officials are also barred from  making available any data "owned or generated" by the NCERT to others in violation of the data sharing policy of the council.

Violation of the IT policy by any official, staff or student enrolled to the programmes offered by the NCERT would be "treated as misconduct and indiscipline."

"The policy has been formulated to to preserve the utility and flexibility of the system, protect the privacy and work of users, and preserve our right to access the international networks to which the system is connected. Serious action will be taken if any one is caught violating the rules," a senior official told Deccan Herald.

Downloading of copyrighted movies, books, games via torrents or other means is traceable.

"All users have been warned that on receipt of any complaint in this connection, appropriate fines will be charged and disciplinary action will also be taken," the official added.

Under the IT policy of the council, it will be responsibility of the users to keep their passwords protected.

"Owner of password will be responsible for any incident registered under his/her login identity," the council said.

The council also banned "food and drinks" in its computer laboratories. "Making noise either through games/music or even talking and/or singing loudly is prohibited."

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