Glass build-up found in Nato F-16 engine

Glass build-up found in Nato F-16 engine

 “Allied F-16s were flying and they did find glass build-up,” the official said, but would not provide any information about when the flight took place. “They found glass in the engine... it was one plane.”

“So this is a very, very serious matter that in the not too distant future will start having real impact on military capabilities... if the volcanic ashes... issue doesn’t disappear.”
The official did not identify the location or the time of the incident, or the nationality of the aircraft, except to say that it took place in Europe.

He said the ash cloud had already led to the scaling down of some US military exercises. “They can fly but it is dangerous,” he said. “I think the airspace is closed for a reason,” the official added, referring to flight bans that have affected much of Europe for the past five days.

Test flights
Dutch airline KLM, which has flown several test flights, said most European airspace was safe despite the plume of ash, and sent two commercial freight flights to Asia on Sunday.
The US official said he expected the impact of the ash cloud to be taken up as part of Nato’s agenda.

Officials said the ash cloud had raised doubts about whether a meeting of the 28 Nato foreign ministers scheduled on Thursday and Friday in Estonia and due to be attended by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could take place.