Amazon invites startups to avail its tools

Amazon invites startups to avail its tools

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has invited startups and developers to avail various tools from the company for better customer engagement.    

Besides AWS IoT Platform, the Seattle-based company has come up with Amazon AI and AWS Deep Learning to build smart, scalable and customer-centric solutions in the cloud and on the edge.

Talking to DH,  Satsure Analytics India CEO Amardeep Sibia said the company is availing AWS tools for better engagement of clients in B-to-B and B-to-G (Business to Government) space.

"We have developed SatSure decision intelligence platform to offer unique risk management solutions to organisations working in the agriculture vertical. Our platfrom combines drones and satellite imagery with machine learning and big data analytics," he said.  

Haptik, an end-to-end chatbot platform which started operation in 2008, is working with AWS to further expand their product for enterprise users. "When  apps launched and everybody wanted to do chatbots. We have done it in a more consumer centric and help the client to get the stickiness," said Haptik CEO and founder Akrit Vaish.

He said Haptik is using AWS AI tools in a big way to build its offerings including bot builder, bot analytics and agent dashboard for monitoring and mangement. "We give entire solution including design, content and development across sectors like FMCG, travel and healthcare. We are now expanding in enterprise space," he said.

Amazon AI Conclave, organised after AWS re:Invent conference  in Las Vegas, also gave a perspective on AWS new game plan in the space of voice and language on the platform.  

"I am pleased to know that the event gave an overview on AI tools are called Lex, Polly and Rekognition," said Sandeep, a student from a Bengaluru Engineering College. "Lex is the technology that powers Amazon Alexa, and allows developers to integrate rich conversational experiences in their offerings," he said.  

He added that Polly is a state of the art text to speech service that has forty seven life like voices in twenty languages. Rekognition is an image processing service, that can identify content in images.

AWS Chief Technology Officer  Werner Vogels   said at AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas that everything in the world can be connected and become an input or output device on the network creating a new kind of hybrid cloud.

"While the world may not need yet another definition of "hybrid cloud," there's no question that the rise of IoT will put unprecedented new pressure on both on-premise and cloud architectures," he said.

AWS, which registered revenue growth of  42% in the third quarter beating Wall Street's expectations, is predicted to have $13 billion revenues in 2017.

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