'It's all about signing the right projects'

'It's all about signing the right projects'

'It's all about signing the right projects'

progressing Daisy Bopanna dh photos by Vishwanath Suverna

Ever since Garam Masala, Daisy Bopanna seemed to have disappeared from the face of the earth. Or so we thought! With absolutely no movies in her kitty, there were rumours that she had left the tinsel town for good.

In the City recently to walk the ramp for a fashion show, Daisy clarified all the little doubts that people had about her. “I don’t think I can ever leave acting. I was not a part of any project for a particular reason. My career was going the wrong way and I wanted to mend that and sign projects very carefully,” Daisy told Metrolife.

So in this long gap, Daisy says she was upto many things which included bonding with her family. “I shifted to Mumbai. I was also speaking to a lot of people, taking career advice, reflecting on my previous movies and taking decisions on where to head from here,” she replies.

Looking back, Daisy explains that she felt she was doing only glamour-based roles.

“Even my last Kannada movie Gaalipata with Yograj Bhat, saw me as nothing more than a glamour element,” she says while adding, “Coming from a theatre background I didn’t want to be stuck doing just that for years together. I wanted to grow and do more serious roles where I can explore my acting skills. That’s why I made a jump to Bollywood.”

But didn’t Garam Masala also see her in a glamourous role? “Yes, but Bollywood is a bigger canvas. In order to grow, one has to start off somewhere, even if it is by being a glam element. Soon I will reveal about my next project which will see me in a more mature role but I can’t talk much about it now,” says Daisy.

That does not mean Daisy has totally written off Kannada movies, “It’s all about signing the right projects. If there is a good performance-oriented role then why not? I will come back and do a Kannada movie. I have no qualms about it,” she concludes.