That's the way love goes

That's the way love goes

Pratik Kar from Kharagpur, West Bengal and Gargi  Das from Jamshedpur,  Jharkhand met each other when they were in high school. Thanks to his cousin who was Gargi's then school friend. Yes! He played the Cupid.  

The couple were together for a decade before they planned to tie the knot in 2016. However, their journey was not an easy one, it  was always a long distance relationship. While Gargi came down to Bengaluru to complete her graduation, Pratik landed in Delhi for his higher education. It was finally in 2012 that he shifted to Bengaluru for work. They have been together ever since.  

"We are childhood friends and it has been 12 years since we met. However, there is nothing that has changed between us, even after marriage, except for the roles and responsibilities," says Pratik.  

Working as investment bankers, their weekdays are as hectic as any other professional's in the city. And it is the  weekend that the couple eagerly wait for.

Spending time at home is something that Pratik and Gargi enjoy  the most. They help each other and share the household work.  

Pratik says, "We hardly see each other during weekdays, so we usually head out to a restaurant or to a place where we can spend time together. This is our basic plan every weekend. We have a good time at Koramangala and Indiranagar."

"We are foodies and exploring a new eatery is our weekly ritual," says Gargi.

"We are not regular visitors at any particular restaurant.  However, we recently visited Mainland China and loved the food there. We also love to cook at home together. Weekends are usually the time for our experiments in the kitchen. When it comes to making non-vegetarian  dishes, Pratik cooks up magic,"  she adds.

The couple has a new found love for travelling. And whenever they get time, they  hit the roads to explore a new place. "Going for short trips is something we look forward to. On longer weekends, it is either some place in the city or on the outskirts. Hyderabad, Coorg, Ooty, Goa and Mysuru are some of our favourite haunts."

For the couple, spending time with their family is equally important. They make sure to make a visit to their hometown whenever they have a long vacation.    

Ask them what made them choose Bengaluru and Pratik says, "I've had a long association with the city beginning from my college days to getting a job here. We've made a unique connection with the city and we definitely plan to stay here for more years to come."

"The best part of this city is its people who are warm and friendly. This is a vibrant place to live with people from different regions making a home here. Now that I have stayed here for so long, I think of Bengaluru as my first home," adds Gargi.


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