Spotting the trends

Spotting the trends

From capes and drapes to cold shoulders and nautical stripes, last year saw many head-turning trends hitting the runway. Fashionistas all around the world were seen embracing bright colours, with the highlight being the unicorn trend that took social media by storm.

However, the new year is bringing with it some brand new trends as well as revivals of a few classic favourites from grandma's wardrobe. 'Metrolife' gives you a sneak peek into what designers expect to be the biggest trends of 2018.  

Floral prints

"Floral prints and fringes of the 60s will be something to look forward to this year," says designer Bani Khurana.  

Designer Ruchira Nangalia adds, "Fashionistas can choose to go bold by opting for a clash of prints. This year is going to see  a mix of geometric patterns with florals prints and floral on floral."


Art-infused prints

"A lot of artsy and quirky prints will make their way into 2018. For example, one can expect to see fruit prints on sweatshirts and bold logos for T-shirts," says Bani. Designer Ruchira Nangalia says, "Art-inspired prints on  Indian textiles with hand block prints or screen prints are going to be seen in the coming season." Designer Payal Jain says, "This pattern was there the previous year too but was used more conservatively. However, this year it will be used extensively."

Colour of 2018

Shades of purple like eggplant, lilac and ultra violet will rule the year, says Designer Bani. "These will manifest in some bold fashion statements defying stereotype."  


Trending hues

"Sorbet pastels like blush, pistachio and lilac are some of the other colours to look forward to in 2018," says designer  Ruchira Nangalia.  

"Bright colours will have a strong presence in the fashion industry this year," says Payal Jain.  

Old is gold

Designer Bani Khurana says,  "The wide-legged jeans of the 90s will make a comeback along with side-slit T-shirts worn with pedal pushers." A trend that will be carried forward from 2017 will be the 'fringe', which gives a  classic romanticism to dresses.  

Looks to look forward to...

Designer Payal Jain says, "There will be three big looks this year. Vintage, which will involve going back to the classics in terms of necklines, corsets, short jackets and puffy sleeves.  Minimalism will find a lot more takers and the outfits will have no or less bling elements, moving away from complicated drapes to more themed ones.  Eclectic garments with a lot of mix and match will do the rounds this year. This look will incorporate less of whites, blacks, greys and beige and more bright and vibrant colours."

Ruchira Nangalia points out, "Romanticism, minimalism and clash of prints are going to be the biggest trends in 2018.  Romantic fabrics like satin will be at the forefront but these will be balanced with minimalistic designs."  

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