A whiff of Whiskey !

A whiff of Whiskey !

Having grown up with dogs, when I moved out of my parents’ place, one of the most difficult things I had to make peace with was not coming back to four paws, two happy eyes and an overworked tail! After many months of contemplation, I decided to go ahead and adopt a furry angel myself.

I had mentally prepared myself to make many rounds of the dog shelter to find the right one, my very own first dog for whom I was responsible and no one else. Little did I know that I would find and fall in love with my furry baby within minutes of setting eyes on him.

Walking around the kennels, I saw many shapes, sizes and breeds of dogs waiting patiently to be taken to their forever homes. Sadly, taking them all home wasn’t an option. It was then that I saw this confident pooch. He was full of life and jumping up and down in his kennel, trying to get my attention with his with mischief-filled eyes. I walked over to his kennel.

If I was asked to describe my first impression of this little one, it would resemble a caricature that came to life and jumped out of the artist’s drawing board. From his happy and playful eyes to his half-cut furiously wagging tail — I really don’t know what about him had me fall for him hook, line and sinker. All I knew was that I found my fur ball.

That’s when I knew that this could wait no more and I marched off to the reception to do the needful paper work to bring him home. Half an hour later ‘Mr Whiskers’ (as he has been nicked named) and I walked out of the shelter, him on his new leash and me head over heels in love with this goofball.

Five years on, Whiskey has become a globe-trotting little Indian mutt who has decided that the fresh mountain air and the open spaces of estates in Malawi suit him better. He has shifted base to my parents’ place, where he is pampered and fussed over like a little prince. He now lives with his frican girlfriend Lola and they spend their day running around chasing squirrels,  making social calls on fellow four-legged friends in the neighbouring houses, or going on vacations to Lake Malawi. He is sure living life king size…
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