Do it with denims!

Do it with denims!

Do it with denims!

The brand's latest collection, 'Monochrome collection', takes a futuristic design approach and has blended colours like greys, whites and blacks to create uber-modern looks. The collection is inspired by the desire to bring a fresh touch to the stylish collection of black and grey cast denim, with hints of bright accents, coated finishes and faux leather details. Prints, stripes and colour-blocking give life this collection.

Adding to this, the brand has also introduced 'Stretch Plus Apparel' that not only looks great but is made for everyday outdoor wear. 'Wrangler Stretch Plus' will let the person wearing it move freely as these jeans and tees are crafted from high quality stretch fabric for maximum comfort and ease of movement.

The collection is also treated with anti-bacterial Silver Shield technology that keeps the outfits fresh and odour-free longer. While the denim range is skillfully crafted from superior stretch denim fabric and updated with unique washes and detailing, the topwear features eye-catching biker-inspired graphics, which make for the perfect addition to the young and carefree you.

K Sai Chandana from St Joseph's College teamed a shirt and jeans for a casual chic look.
Punchline: "The bright colour will brighten up anyone's day. The jeans too fit well."
Price: Shirt (Rs 1,295) and jeans (Rs 2,395).

Mohammed Roshan Khan from Presidency College, wore a T-shirt with jeans. He added a jacket to the look.
Punchline: "The jacket and the jeans are extremely comfortable."
Price: T-Shirt (Rs 995), jacket (Rs 4,295) and jeans (Rs 3,495).

R Nikitha from St Joseph's College wore a shirt and jacket with jeans.
Punchline: "The complete look works well for an evening out."
Price: Shirt (Rs 1,495), jacket (Rs 4,095) and jeans (Rs 2,795)

Merissa from St Joseph's College slipped into a denim shirt dress and layered the look with a shirt.
Punchline: "I love how the denim outfit fits and how the layer peps up the whole look."
Price: Dress (Rs 1,795) and shirt (Rs 1,995).

Aqib Faraaz from Indian Academy, wore a T-shirt and jeans and completed the look with a jacket.
Punchline: "The outfit is fashionable yet simple. The look is perfect for any day."
Price: T-shirt (Rs 995), jacket (Rs 5,895) and jeans (Rs 3,795).

Tajamul Hussain from SRM University, sported a T-shirt and jeans and layered the look with shirt.
Punchline: "The colour blue has its own charm. The jacket and the tee goes well together."
Price: T-shirt (Rs 995), shirt (Rs 2,695) and jeans (Rs 3,695).