His saga in musical notes

His saga in musical notes

His saga in musical notes

It has been a dream come true for actor Adhyayan Suman as a singer. His debut single 'Main Saariyan Nu Chaddeya'   has crossed over four million views on YouTube in 10 days. "It has been absolutely overwhelming, though for me, it was never about the numbers but about being accepted as a singer," he enthuses. "What I am happy about is that two of my icons, singers Sonu Nigam (he describes my debut as 'unbelievable') and Sunidhi Chauhan (who calls it a 'pleasant surprise'), have deeply appreciated my song and my voice," says the young star who has delved into singing now.

While the good-looking son of actor Shekhar Suman never tasted commercial success in movies (with Haal–e–Dil, Raaz – The Mystery Continues, Luckhnowi Ishq, Heartless), he has come into his own with his passion for music and expressions in lyricism that has won hearts across the country. "I have not taken up music because three of my films have bombed, I did it because I felt it was something I wanted to do," he quips honestly.

So, is he naturally fluent in Punjabi or has it been an acquired skill for the song? "I absolutely love Punjabi. There is something about the language that draws me. I feel Punjabi words can sound very romantic as well. Yet it was not a conscious decision to have a mix of Hindi and Punjabi in 'Main Saariyan Nu Chaddeya'. It happened organically," he says.

Adhyayan's inspiration for the song comes from life itself. "With the failures and depression and trials and tribulations that I have been through over the past couple of years, my bandwidth of emotions has evolved: something I was unaware of till I began singing," he shares.

After working on the song for four months, he shot for it with the lissome Italian model Jeniffer Piccinato and director Shakti Hasija in Goa. "I felt that I had certain rawness in my voice which I wanted to retain," he says candidly, showing off his tattoo of a musical note with wings. "The idea was to shoot at the beaches and make it look very vintage in order to keep the old-world charm intact. I played my guitar round the clock. The moment I felt the emotion, we went ahead and recorded it. I actually feel very nervous, anxious, and happy, as I get to live each dream of mine."

Of course, Senior Suman has motivated him constantly to rise above the challenges life throws. "One thing I have learned from dad is to nover give up, no matter how disappointed you are with life. He has taught me that every day is a new day and you have to get up and fight. Frankly, I think it is insane the kind of things he has achieved because of his sheer passion for work. And I follow the same rules: if my heart wants me to do something, I simply pour myself into my goal and move ahead," says Adhyayan.

He counts his failures as his biggest learning experiences. "I have learnt to turn my failures into my strengths. Being a star kid, the pressure to deliver on screen is absolutely enormous and unfair. I am often labelled a rich spoilt brat who does not want to work. That is a cruel judgement, but I have proved people wrong by working hard."

As of now, Adhyayan is training vocals with Suzanne Demerol as he has started preparing for his stage shows that roll out from January this year. "I am forming a band, so I am training in live singing," he states. "I used to sing at private family gatherings. Though my friends and family kept telling me to sing for the longest time, I felt that raw emotions were missing in me. And maybe I had to experience life more."

And yes, he counts it as a total ittefaq (coincidence) that his professionally sung debut single has released exactly 10 years after his dad's.