Gift of kindness

Gift of kindness

Kindness, as the Greek philosopher Sophocles said, gives birth to kindness. Tibetan spiritual teacher The Dalai Lama has said 'My religion is kindness'. If anyone of us has ever felt a deep sense of satisfaction in showing unconditional kindness to another, then we would know what he means. Remember! by being kind and compassionate, both to others and most importantly to ourselves, we plant kindness in the atmosphere.

One must understand that donating money is valuable, but limited in terms of the benefit it brings to our own hearts and the hearts of others. By sharing what is good and true - love, joy and a sense of lightness - even simply with those in our immediate vicinity, the feeling that my life is of value to the world begins to grow.

Kindness is a well of sustenance worth visiting each day. The nectar of kindness is a sanctuary for the heart, a refuge for peace of mind and peace given to others, no matter how large or small the gift.  

Till now, the time has taught us to view ourselves with harshness. But unlike family, we can choose our teachers. So we can either listen to the stories of our past, or we can listen to our precious, often silenced voice and with love rekindle that inner sparkle which was lost due to confusion & lack of self-worth. But, how can we reconnect with what is inside without retreating to an isolated mountaintop to escape the noise of the outside world? It's very simple indeed!

By gathering strength in silence, in meditation, we learn to forgive the pebbles and express the jewels within, to choose and live honestly with confidence rather than out of duty and become liberated from the sorrow that our old thinking and self-limiting behaviours bring. Thus, it is a technique of self-exploration, leading to the experience of heightened and expanded awareness, reaching God and bringing HIM into the focus of the soul's awareness. In a word, the principal object of Meditation is to bring the self in conscious touch with Almighty, thus making it increasingly aware of its divine origin, divine destiny and divine and peaceful real nature. So, c'mon start meditating from today and rediscover yourself.