'I want to inspire the young'

'I want to inspire the young'

'I want to inspire the young'

N Dayanand

Meet N Dayanand, the Deputy Mayor of the City. He is 27 and unmarried. He has a Masters degree in Digital Communication from BMS College of Engineering.

Prior to plunging into full-time politics, he was a lecturer in the Telecommunications department of Dayanand Sagar College.

Dayanand is the brother-in-law of BJP MLA S Raghu, who represents C V Raman Nagar. He is also related to Minister for Higher Education Aravind Limbavali and has been associated with the BJP for the past five years. Dayanand has high aspirations for the City’s growth. Excerpts from his interaction with the media.

You are young. How well can you connect to politics and governance?

People of my age have always been dissuaded by their parents and guardians not to pursue politics. Maybe my election to the post of Deputy Mayor will inspire more youngsters to enter the Council  and serve the people in the future.

How does your educational qualification help you function as Deputy Mayor?

I wish to utilise my technical degree to translate into something tangible. I will try and ensure more of technology is used to address the grievances of the citizens. Also my knowledge will be useful in using IT in developmental projects in the City.

What is your dream for the City?

I intend to be more focused on the green initiatives for the City. The greenery needs to be restored. Along with the support of the Mayor, I wish to plant more saplings in the City.