'Heroines are expected to look cute'

'Heroines are expected to look cute'

Manvitha Harish never dreamt of becoming an actor. She began her career as a radio jockey but things changed almost overnight when she got chosen to play the lead in Kannada movie 'Kendasampige' a while ago.  The young actor has since been noticed for her style and her ability to play nuanced characters with ease. With no godfather to lead her on, Manvitha has been taking it one step at a time and admits the results have surprised her. She recently appeared in 'Kanaka' and has played the lead opposite Shivarajkumar in 'Tagaru' which she calls a great learning experience. In an interview with Nina C George, Manvitha, talks about the experience of working in 'Tagaru' and more.

What made you accept 'Tagaru'?

It's not a run-of-the-mill story. The film has a stylish feel and finish to it. I liked the way every character been designed to perfectly complement each other. More than concentrating on the commercial aspect, the director has made the film with a lot of passion and commitment. This is what sets it apart.

What's your role?

Shivarajkumar encounters many people en route his journey. And I play an integral part of that journey. It's a performance-oriented character and I liked it that I had more to do than just stand there and look pretty.

What defines your character?

The free-spirited nature of the character impressed me. My role is that of an aspiring musician. Music is like a religion for her and she wishes to discover more of the musician in her.

What preparations went into your role?

I was asked to workout to look fit and look every bit like my character. Going about achieving that transformation was a challenging experience. The director didn't want to make a regular film, so he lent me a couple of videos and books that were relevant to the film. These helped me get a better grip of my character and the story flow.

What's in the pipeline?

My next project is 'Relax Satya'. There are only three characters in the film and I play one of the them. The powerful narratives and unique screenplay is sure to catch the attention of the audience. It was challenging because there are only three people in the story.

Any lessons learnt so far?

I have learnt to talk less and listen more because I don't think people, in general, take very kindly to smart and intelligent heroines. Heroines are expected to look cute and nothing more.

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