My life with Sweety

My life with Sweety

My life with Sweety

My journey with pets started when I was in the seventh  standard. My father's  friend, who lived in Kerala, had two beautiful English Shepherds. It was during that time when my  father visited his friend's house and got to know that they wanted to give them away to someone known as they were going to settle abroad. So he asked my father to take one of the dogs. My father got it without asking my mother or us. Those were great days.

Years later, Sweety came into our life. We found her playing on the road with other puppies but the mother was not around. It so happened my nephew and his friend saw Sweety who was so white and beautiful that they stopped the vehicle and took her to his house and took care of the puppy.

But my sister already had  a Golden Retriever, so she gave Sweety to us. We soon started taking care of Sweety and she became an important part of our life. Later on, she gave birth to seven beautiful puppies which we gave away to different families.

Sweety was barely one when she gave birth to seven puppies. Now she is three years old and is very healthy and beautiful. Sweet brought positivity to our home and brought us closer to each other.

The way she welcomes us when we come home is something that cannot be explained. She takes care of herself and is very intelligent.

Her diet includes Pedigree,  eggs, milk and biscuits, cornflakes with milk or ghee with rice. She also likes chicken with rice. However her favourite food is 'Bele obbatu', 'Karjika' and chew sticks.

Sweety has taught us a lot of lessons. If one is depressed, adopting a dog can do wonders.

But always adopt not shop.