Taste of the real world

Taste of the real world

Hostel Life

Taste of the real world

Adjusting: Swathi (left) and her roommate.

Youngsters from different backgrounds live in a hostel. Hence, things get difficult when each one has a different lifestyle. Metrolife finds out what makes hostel life better.

Swati, a final year student of Surana College says, “Initially when I joined the hostel, some girls didn’t talk to me. But now all of us get along well with each other. We celebrate each other’s birthdays at midnight and have a gala time during festivals. Sometimes problems crop up with the warden and gossips circulate in the hostel. You shouldn't let them affect you. You will need your roommates help and support, so be understanding and ignore individual differences.”

Vyshnavi, a B Com and CA student of Jain College says, “I have been staying in this hostel for six months. Prior to this, I have never lived in hostel. People here are friendly. They made me feel comfortable. It doesn’t seem like a hostel to me. You need to adjust according to the surroundings to make things easy for yourself.”

“I cannot forget the first day of my hostel life. I was in tears when my mother was leaving. Others in the hostel comforted me. There are misunderstandings, theft, and sometimes your numbers will be given to unknown people without your knowledge. We get prank calls from that person. We talk and solve the issues. Ours is student as well as working women’s hostel. Some of the late night birds don’t let you sleep and some don’t maintain cleanliness. It’s important for people to be in their limits, be open-minded and careful about their belongings,” says Bindu, a PG student.

“There are a lot of plus points for staying in a hostel. You become very independent and can learn a lot of new things everyday. It is like a second home where your friends are your sisters and brothers. But, there are of course differences among individuals and so, students tend to fight a lot and it is indeed not easy to make good friends. He/she should be a good friend to gain good friends. But it’s not easy to be in the correct company.”

“So, I would suggest someone who is new to a hostel not to talk a lot but rather be observant of whatever is happening around. One should be a good listener at all times and and not pretend to be somebody one cannot be. One should also try not to get involved in gossips and fights,’’ adds Crystal Yumnam, a second-year student, Christ University.