No jeans and T-shirt: Collectorate babus get a 'dressing down'

No jeans and T-shirt: Collectorate babus get a 'dressing down'

Come April 1, the senior and junior-rank employees working in the Patna Collectorate will not be allowed to come to the office in T-shirt and jeans.

They will have to wear formal dress and make themselves presentable.

A directive in this regard was issued by District Magistrate Kumar Ravi, who took the decision after a surprise inspection of the collectorate premises.  

The district magistrate, who was recently transferred from Bodh Gaya to Patna, said the move was aimed to improve the work culture in the collectorate.

"Be it senior officers or clerks, everyone will have to carry an identity card, hanging around their neck. Similarly, there should be a nameplate of the official with his/her designation on the table so that the aggrieved person, who comes to the collectorate to get his work done, is able to identify the official concerned," the DM said.

Paan (betel leaves) and guthka on the collectorate premises have been also banned. "The practice of chewing tobacco and paan and then spitting it on the walls of the office premises gives a wrong impression, particularly when the government is making tireless effort to keep surroundings clean under Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. It's high time that everyone contributes in cleanliness drive," Ravi added.

While threatening to penalise the habitual late-comers, the DM has also suggested to reward those who excel on all fronts.