Keen demand for language skills

Keen demand for language skills

Keen demand for language skills

Today’s world is a multilingual one and companies are aware that they need people with foreign language skills to compete in an international market. Language educators have been using the concepts of four basic language skills namely:

* Speaking
* Reading

 The skills are related to each other in two ways; mode of communication — whether it’s written or oral; and the direction of communication — whether it is the concept of receiving or producing the message.

Take writing, for example. It often seems to be the hardest of skills, even for native speakers of a particular language, as it involves not just a graphic representation of speech, but the development and presentation of thoughts in a structured manner.
In almost every field of work, there is a need for language. IT professionals, journalists, market researchers, documentation specialists, tour guides, personal assistants, recruitment consultants, technical help desk executives all need language skills.But language skills need to be combined with a specific qualification or expertise to enhances one’s career prospects.

Window of opportunity
Employers are constantly scouting for candidates with language skills and having these skills can really give young people entering the jobs market an edge over fellow applicants. Most firms look for qualified people who are also capable of communicating with overseas customers.

Language skills can be refreshed in various ways. You could enroll yourself into evening classes at a local college/ institute which offers a good course. Another sure shot way of learning is time spent in a country where the language is spoken.
Companies and organisations dealing with overseas business offer the most opportunities to people having language skills and that can give jobseekers an advantage over other candidates.

In the present climate, giving yourself the edge is very critical, whether it’s through work experience or language skills.
There are plenty of opportunities in the government for people who can speak different languages to bring in new investments or to work in partnership with other countries around the world.