Bring home the beach

Bring home the beach

Bring home the beach

There's something eternally mesmerising about the beach. From the beautiful sunrises and sunsets to the sight of the waves crashing on the shore, and the feeling when your feet dig into the sand during those serene long walks; the little seashells that become souvenirs and the local snack stalls on the seaside; all of these come together to form an amazing experience.

Inspired by this, many of us would want to bring in a bit of the beach into our homes. And, it's not just about putting up pictures of the seashore. Rather, it's all about showcasing your personal connection with the beach in your dwelling.

For the effect

For starters, what aspect of the beach would you like to bring in? Is it the colours of the sea, sand and sun? Or the greenery that is unique to the beach? Do the youngsters in the family like marine life? Once you figure out these aspects, you are ready to begin. "Remember that beaches are bright, light and airy, so the main focus is to let in a lot of light and air into the home," says Anuj Srivastava, co-founder and CEO, Livspace. "Opt for large glass windows and doors for a breezy atmosphere. If privacy is a concern, add high sheer curtains to maintain the feel. For the living room, you'll need plenty of seating, so bring in your cane furniture, hammocks and loungers to make it look fun. Using high chairs with a breakfast bar or setting your dining table to face the balcony can imitate the beachside life. Use a sailor's wheel or an anchor to bring the whole look together."

For furnishings in the living room, Anuj suggests going light, with sand-coloured tapestry, subtle earthy tones, light blues and greens. Add prints and textures like pearls, beach ball motifs, or tiny marine animal prints through curtains and bedspreads. Accessorise with collectables like anchors, sailing wheels, boat replicas and more to complete the look.

If your home can accommodate a waterbody then great. However, since most of us live in apartments, go for a wall-mounted fountain or you can also choose indoor fountains for your balcony or living room. If you're looking to just do up your bedroom with the beach theme (after all, memories of looking at the stars when lying on the beach at night are some of the best ever!), then here are some ideas to help you.

Make your job easy by replicating the design of a beach-facing hotel room that you may have stayed in, or have seen in a travel magazine. Alternately, work on simple aspects. Use layered curtains in sheer white along with a heavier drape, if the weather demands it. During the day, tie up the cord with hemp cords or seashell-laced cords. At night, let the breeze come in and gently blow these sheer curtains.

Keep calm

Beach-themed furniture is all about being minimalistic. So, go basic and then add in elements of the beach - shells on the window sill, a small waterbody on your dresser, perhaps a miniature surfboard on your walls, the options are many. Metal frame beds and wicker furniture are also great ideas. Anuj says that for a breezy bedroom, one can add a sea view wallpaper and recreate the beach-like atmosphere. "Paintings depicting the marine life. A sandcastle is a bonus. If feasible, add a skylight to give it the perfect finish," he adds.

Talking about colour schemes, Bhavana Kumar, architect and co-founder, Kumar LaNoce, says, "Colours and textures play a major role in creating an ambience for any interior space. For a beach theme, whites, blues and muted greens work well along with breezy muslin or linen drapes. Accessories and decor elements that incorporate braided rope, driftwood and seashells could bring out the seaside vibe. The best inspiration comes from personal experience: bring in elements and souvenirs from your favourite beach vacation. Painted, even distressed wooden furniture, textured fabric, jute or sisal rugs and an abundance of natural light are key to achieving this look."

When it comes to painting, you don't have to use only a single colour. Consider mixing and matching colours like yellow, blue, red, orange and green, all shades that you would see on a beach. You can also consider bringing in textures to your wall paints to give them character.

Less is more

It's very easy to get carried away with a decor theme and go overboard. Bhavana advises that for any themed interior, balance is vital. One must avoid creating a theme park with excessive objects, accessories and prints, but work on finding the spatial quality of a beachside property through subtle colour cues, light quality and a few tastefully curated pieces of decor.

Anuj adds on saying that when deciding on colours for a room, try not to go overboard by using all the shades of blue in one place. Instead, go for complementing shades that lend a harmonious feel to that space. Do not clutter your home with too many 'beachy' decor items. Try to give your home a naturally designed outlook. Don't forget, your home is not at the beachside! Installing a hammock in your living room might be a really great idea to give your home a beachside feel. But doing this in the bedroom might not be the right idea. Balancing your use of furniture is also important.

Yes, beach-style interiors can look stunning if done right and it can completely transform your home. Such decor can be heavy on maintenance and so that is something to consider when planning your interiors.

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